Weekly Bento Menu
(fresh make  everyday)

At A-bento restaurant, there’s something to please every taste. We use only the fresh local ingredients to create  menu. See our dishes below, and check back as our seasonal specialties change.

Bento on demand

BENTO ON DEMAND ( only lunch )

Cook fresh daily!

2 choices of proteins (meat, seafood or vegetarian)

1 choice of carb (white rice, grain rice or noodle)

1 fresh local salad

1 dessert or fruit

5 BOWLS  ( CHF 19.95)

( Chicken, Beef and Pork from switzerland, Duck from france and fresh vegetable from local or farm)

Weekly Bento Menu (14-18 Jan 18)

Vegetable may change from local seasonal

( come with salad and dessert or fruit and choice of rice or noodle) 


:  Vegetable spring roll
:  Braised pork 
:  Crispy fish sweet chilli sauce


: Saute cucumber
: Chicken cashew nut 
: Shrimp tom yum soup


: Vegetable yellow curry
: Beef masaman
: Fish tempura


: Mixed vegetable sweet & sour
: Roasted duck red curry
: Fish black pepper sauce


: Mixed vegetable soya sauce
: Pork brown sauce
: Mixed seafood basil sauce